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Ultimate Kitchens Direct offers a wide variety of cabinet accents and accesories to create high design, custom kitchens. From corbels to specialty moldings, Ultimate Kitchen can help you design a functional, beautiful space.
The Corbel not only supports a countertop, but adds a unique touch to any design. It can be used to support shelves, in decorative details for both wall and base cabinets, and in many more applications.
Countertop Supports are a functional and decorative way to extend a countertop or to create shelving. The Countertop Support adds a nice, subtle detail to your space.
Fillers are more than a way to bridge an empty space between two cabinets. Fillers can be used as a molding build-up, support for farm sink applications, as face frames for bookcases, and for other applications. Fillers are available in 1.5″, 3″, and 6″ widths.
Finished Shelves can be used to create custom cabinets, such as book cases and wine racks. Combine molding, fillers, and finished panels to complete a custom look.
Light Rail Molding is used to hide under-cabinet lighting. Many Ultimate Kitchen moldings can be used to finish off the bottom of wall cabinets. Countertop molding is pictured above, but outside corner, fillers, soffit crown, batten, and scribe molding can be used as well.
Ogee Molding is one of many moldings that Ultimate Kitchens Direct offers. Ogee molding can be used on base cabinets, chair rails, light rails, valances, and for upper cabinet molding applications.
Overlay Fillers are key elements in keeping a full overlay door style consistent. In the above application, the Overlay Fillers have been cut at angles to fill the space in between the angled cabinets.
The Tapered Leg is a decorative way to provide a furniture look in your kitchen. It can be used in floor applications, as shelf supports, and more.
Traditionally, Valances are used above sinks in between cabinets. But to really create a custom-furniture look, Valances can be used in a kitchen island to create a special display area. Ultimate Kitchen offers a shaker and crown style in five widths.