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Blind Corner Base, Select Width, 24″ Deep


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Blind Corner Base, 24″ deep 36-39 wide

• One drawer box, accessible from one side only
• One full depth adjustable shelf
• Use cabinet for left or right side (corners)
• UF3 filler included
• Blanking panel installed on non-door side
• Minimum pull does not allow for hardware
• Cabinet sides unfinished – for factory applied side panel select (N) None, (L) Left, ® Right, (B) Bot

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36 39 Blind Left, 36 39 Blind Right, 42 45 Blind Right[+74], 42 45 Blind Left[+74]

Applied Panels - Finished Ends

None, 1 Side Left[+101], 1 Side Right[+101], 2 Sides[+202]